cindy chandler-guy 

Please contact me via my email: to buy a piece, make an appointment, to pick up or to have a piece delivered, or for more information. 

My studio is at 221  Pine Street, Florence, Ma

All pastels are sold matted and framed to prevent any smudging.

Monotypes/ Monotype collages are sold unframed unless arrangements are made 

I have a BS in Art and a Masters in Studio Art from NYU and an MSW from UConn. I have been a practicing psychotherapist and artist in the Valley for over four decades and gratefully continue to derive pleasure, purpose and meaning from both my creative and enriching pursuits.  Pastels and paint are mediums that I choose to create representational landscapes, while monotype printmaking and collages are mediums that I use to work abstractly utilizing representational objects as well as shapes, textures, lines and layers of transparency 


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